About Us


We Black We Golf (WBWG) is a social organization that uses the game of golf to improve personal and professional development through networking and philanthropy. WBWG provides training to those interested in learning the game the game of golf the right way. And WBWG promotes healthy living through encouraging its members and supporters to remain active, visit your primary physician regularly and most importantly by playing Golf!


WBWG is open to all races, genders and protected class of people. We are committed to ensuring that all people have an opportunity to be exposed to this wonderful game. The name We Black We Golf originally was a response by one of the founders that happened to be at a golf course when he was looked at suspiciously by some other golfers, and the response that was given was "Yes, We Black, and We Golf!" Hence the name We Black We Golf! Follow us on our FB group WeBlackWeGolf, or on our website WeBlackWeGolf.org.


We will be posting about various events and updates in the coming weeks and look forward to your support. Don't let 2021 pass you by without hitting the links. Golf is a great life-time sport, and a great way to network and market your business and yourself. For questions you can email us at weblackwegolf@gmail.com

WeBlackWeGolf is a network of black golfing enthusiasts

Meet: WeBlackWeGolf's  - Managing/Board Members

Richard M. Badger

Public Relations / Golf Mentor

Rich is the one of the go-to members who brings his love of the game of golf to teach us how to play and have fun learning.


Calvin A. Lee

Membership / Golf Mentor

Calvin is the other go-to member who has experience in playing and teaching the game while making us all laugh at the same time.

Martin Marshall

Outings / Golf Mentor

Martin is the go-to member to show you how to play by example. His play on the courses shows us how it's done. He's also the man behind the vision, the outings and events we plan.


"Thad" - P. Thomas Thadison III

Tech / Web / Graphics

Thad is the member behind the many things you will see with WeBlackWeGolf, all on the technical and graphic side. I help bring the vision of WeBlackWeGolf into focus and reality. However, If you want to learn golf? Do not follow my lead, just follow my mouse.



Tony Reese

Promotions / Marketing

Tony "aka, Rory" Reese is the man that stirs the pot and mixes the Gumbo of many talents and experiences that the members of WeBlackWeGolf brings.  Tony conducts and coordinates the vision(s) of what we all see and share through WeBlackWeGolf.


Dina Abercrombie

Organizational Development

Dina Abercrombie is the lady golf specialist with a heart of Gold. Her aim is to add diversity and inclusion to the game from a woman's perspective. Yet her insight and talents with people and organization building adds much needed talent and experience to the group.